TV Tracker Planner Page for Digital Planner or Physical Print

  • $3.50

Are you constantly forgetting which TV shows you're watching amidst the endless sea of options? Struggling to remember which streaming service a show is on or when new episodes are released?

This TV tracker planner is the perfect solution. Whether you print it as a physical planner page or use it digitally on your Goodnotes, Notion, or iPad planner, this tool helps you keep track of your favorite shows. It records the streaming platform, the release day, and which episode and season you're currently on. Stay organized and never miss an episode again!


Planner page comes in 4 different colors -- red, pink, green, and teal blue so you have choices to coordinate your tv shows by genre or day of the week or just your favorite color or shows.

PLanner comes as a JPG and PDF file so you can print out easily at home or upload to your favofrite digital planner app. (not included)

This is a digital product. No physical product will be sent.