Super Mario Birthday Candy Bar Wrapper

  • $5.00

Make it a super birthday with this Super Mario Birthday candy bar wrapper. Give this wrapper as a birthday card or as a gift at a Mario party.

Wrapper fits a 1.5 ounce chocolate candy bar wrapper and comes in 3 formats.  You can print the wrapper on a single page, two to a page, or you can import the graphic wrapper without the greeting and add your own personalization.

This Super Mario Candy Bar wrapper has a Mario game background with a greeting written in a Mario font.  Greeting on front reads "It's your birthday".  Back reads "Game on! Hope it's a super one!"

If you purchase the digital printable, no product will be shipped.  You can download the zip file directly upon completion or purchase.  Please note that if you do not unzip the file, you will be unable to print the file.

This wrapper was originally part of our 2017 Weekly Candy Bar Wrapper Club.  Graphics for wrapper curtesy of xxx