Back to School Survival Kit

  • $5.00

Welcome your students or send your kids back to school with this School survival kit perfect for a back to school party or the first day of class.  This survival kit comes in an instant download printable or with an option for us to print and mail to you. (Just add your own candy for the perfect school treat.)

Survival kit printable comes with 2 versions in a zip file for easy download and use.  Simply download, save, and unzip the file (Please note that you will have to unzip the file to be able to print.  Please see our FAQs section if you need help with this.)

Inside the zip file is a JPG and PDF version for easy printing.  Print on to one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of card stock.  Cut around solid black lines and score along dotted lines.  Fold survival kit along scores and glue together.  Add the needed candy and tie closed with a ribbon bow.


Printed and mailed survival kit will come to you printed on a white piece of card stock, cut and scored.  You will need to glue the tab shut to form the box, fold in ends, add candy, and tie bow closed.


School Survival KIt reads:

Snickers to remind you to laugh and enjoy the good times.
Starlight Mint to remind you to be a shine bright and be an example to others.
Gum to help you stick to itwhen you feel like giving up.
Lifesavers for when it's one of "those" days.
Tootsie Roll to help you roll with the punches.
An Andes Mint for when you need some encourage-mint.
Sour Patch Kids to remind you that you will have good days and bad so just keep going.
Starburst to give you the extra burst of energy to get out of bed in the morning.
A Hug to help you be a friend to everyone.
A Kiss to remind you that you are loved.


School survival kit poem by DIYPartyMom. Personal use only.  Please see our Terms of Use section in menu for more details.