Ravenclaw House Custom Pen Set

  • $5.00

Get ready for Hogwarts in style with this custom pen set perfect for your favorite Ravenclaw student or teacher. This Ravenclaw pen set is a fun gift, stocking stuffer, or back to school supply. 

This pen set comes with four different pen designs. Each design is a custom insert inside a blue or black ink pen. Depending upon the color ink, your set will have a matching blue or black end cap, lid, and pen grip. 

Designs included in pen set all have blue and silver coloring. 

  • Design one has a blue background with miniature pictures of Hogwarts staff and students around the barrel. Some of the characters included are Harry, Dumbledore, Malfoy, and Hagrid. 


  • Design two has pennant banners of the Ravenclaw house around the barrel with and without the house logo. 


  • Design three has a blue background with the house logo and the word “Ravenclaw” written in a silver Harry Potter font. 


  • Design four has a blue background with magic symbols such as an owl and sorting hat around the barrel of the pen. 

Each set comes with all 4 pens inside a bag with a card stock background and is secured shut with a Ravenclaw 2 inch circle sticker.  


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