Pirate Queen Notebook Gift Set

  • $15.00

Enjoy some swashbuckling fun while you keep track of all your notes and your to do lists with this fun pirate notebook gift set.  This gift set is a perfect gift for the pirate queen in your life who doesn't want to play by the rules or who is drowning in the shipwreck of her life.

This notebook set comes with 

  • 100 page 6x9 inch lined notebook
  • 2x6 inch laminated bookmark
  • black ink pen with custom matching insert


Notebook has "I Run a Tight Shipwreck" on the front of a pirate map background.  Below writing is a Pirate Gnome mom with two little Pirate gnomes at her feet.   Notebook has a metal spiral on the left side of a 6x9 inch 100 page lined notebook.

Bookmark has a red and white polka dot background frame outside a black a white striped frame.  In center is a burnt looking piece of parchment with the Pirate gnome at the bottom.  Above the graphic reads "Why be a princess when you can be a pirate."  Bookmark is double sided with the same design.

Pen is a black ink pen with a matching black end cap, lid cap, and grip barrel in black.  Inside pen has an insert that reads "Property of the Pirate Queen" with a pirate ship and pirate map background.

Notebook gift set is packaged inside a clear bag with pen and bookmark and sealed with a white 2 inch round sticker that has a compass point on it.