Motherhood Survival Kit

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Help mom survive Motherhood with this fun printable Motherhood Survival Kit.

This printable comes as a zip file with SVG, PDF and JPG printable sheet with a box and printing on front. you will need to download and unzip file before you are able to print.  Please see our FAQs if you need help with this  

To make survival kit, cut out around edges of box and then score along the dotted lines.  Fold and secure with glue and ribbon for a fun Mother's Day party favor.

Survival kit reads:

A Lifesaver to keep you afloat when things get hard.
An Almond Joy to remind you that there is joy.
A Piece of Gum to remind you that "sticking" together is the number one rule.
A Starlight Mint to be a bright light during dark, stormy nights.
A Starburst to give you a burst of energy
when you don't have any.
A Laffy Taffy to remind you to laugh and enjoy the good moments.
A Kiss for all the Boo Boos you kiss away.
A Hug because mommy arms will keep your family safe.
Now and Later to remind you Families are Forever.

(poem written and copyright by Kim @DIY Party Mom )


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