Maui Magical Fish Hook Moana Bag Topper Printable

  • $5.00

Add this fun printable bag topper to your Moana birthday party.  This party favor would make a unique and yummy treat for all your party guests.

Bag topper comes in several sizes.  The included zip file has a printable for a topper for a 3x4 inch bag using a borderless printer, a bag topper for a 3x4 inch bag using a border printer, a set of tags you can use on any sized bag, and a bag topper for a sandwich size bag.

Topper printable has a blue and white squiggle background border with a clip art of Maui from Moana.  Poem is, unique, and was written by Kim @KandyKreations.  Poem reads:

"You're as awesome as a demi god no matter which way you look, So go and do great deeds with these yummy magical fishhook."

Feel free to put any treats inside your bag topper for your party treat.  There is also a mini candy bar wrapper printable included with this bag topper that has Maui's fish hook on a blue background.

Moana graphics curtesy of etsy seller PentoolPixie. Poem copywrite by Kim @KandyKreations. Moana characters are owned by Disney.