Luck St Patrick's Day Candy Bar Wrapper

  • $5.00

"A Good friend is like a four leaf clover...hard to find and lucky to have!"

This beautiful candy bar wrapper is the perfect gift for any of your friends or family this St Patrick's day.  You can print the wrapper today or let us do the work, and mail you the wrapper.

This wrapper has a green background with a cute bear wearing a top hat and holding a four leaf clover.  Beside graphic in a black font reads " a good friend is like a four leaf clover".  

On the back of the wrapper is another bear graphic holding a gold horseshoe.  The black font beside bear reads "Hard to find and Lucky to have!"


Instant Download:

You can find this candy bar wrapper in both JPG and PDF format for easy printing inside a zip file that can be downloaded as soon as purchase is complete.  Wrapper is available in a single wrapper to a page, two wrappers to a page, and a single wrapper with graphics but no text (so you can add your own.)


Printed Wrapper and Foil:

With this option, I will print the wrapper and mail it to you with a silver foil candy bar wrapper so you can wrap a 1.5 ounce regular Hershey candy bar wrapper.  Easy directions to wrap the candy bar are included with your purchase.