I am a Book Dragon Notebook Gift Set

  • $15.00

Announce your book dragon status with this fun Book dragon notebook gift set. This set is the perfect gift for the reader in your life or for yourself.  There's plenty of room in the notebook to keep track of your TBR list or notes and quotes from your favorite book, while having a bookmark to keep your spot and a pen to endlessly write all your great reads.

This notebook set comes with 

  • 100 page 6x9 inch lined notebook
  • 2x6 inch laminated bookmark
  • blue ink pen with custom matching insert


Notebook has "Bookworm?  No. No. No, my dear.... I am a Book Dragon" on the front top and bottom of the notebook with a blue dragon on top of a pile of books. Notebook has a metal spiral on the left side of a 6x9 inch lined notebook.

Bookmark has a dragon on a pile of books on one side with another dragon and pile of books on the other.  On one side reads "My Books are my Hoard".  

Pen is a blue ink pen with a matching blue end cap, lid cap, and grip barrel in blue.  Inside pen has an insert that has another dragon on top of a pile of books.

Notebook gift set is packaged inside a clear bag with pen and bookmark and sealed with a white 2 inch round sticker with a dragon eye in black.