Hocus Pocus Bingo Game Download

  • $10.00

Whether you are social distancing and playing over Zoom, or if you are having a small party, this Hocus Pocus Bingo game is the perfect addition to your Halloween party, birthday party, or Baby shower. You can join the Sanderson Sisters for a most Hauntingly wicked party game.

Bingo game is a zip file download which contains enough boards for 30 people to play on different game boards. Inside zip file are the JPG and PDF pictures for the game boards and the game calling pieces. Simply download and unzip the file to print and play today.

As an added bonus, we will receive the link to download the bingo boards individually. You can then email the boards to your bingo game guests for them to print and play via zoom! You can all the bingo piece tabs and they can mark the boards as you go just like in regular in person bingo.

There are 25 different characters and props from the movie Hocus Pocus on the board including the Sanderson Sisters, a broom, a mop, a vacuum, Thackory Binx as a cat, Billy's tombstone, and so much more.


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