Graduation Smiley Face Gum Head Printable and Directions

  • $5.00

Celebrate graduation time with these fun party favors filled with smiles and gum. These unique graduation party favors will be the hit of the party.

Graduation gum heads are available in a download file where you can make your own, or let us take the work out of your graduation party and make the party favors for you.

For mailed graduation gum favors, please note what color you would like the colored foam to be. Gum will be Juicy Fruit flavored 5 packs.

Printed file can be printed as many times as you like to ensure you have enough for everyone at your party.  Graphic file has 6 smiley faces, 6 red shoes, and 6 diplomas.

To make gum heads, you will need a sheet of fun foam in desired color, card stock and printer, scissors, and glue.  Gum heads fit a 5 piece pack of gum. Complete directions are included.

Gum head files come in JPG, PDF, and now SVG files.

Warning: Although we've tried to make file as easy to cut as possible, but by their nature, gum heads require cutting out small pieces and angles on some graphics if not using a cut machine.