Grade Teacher Christmas Ornament with Student Names Personalized

  • $15.00

Give a Christmas ornament to your favorite teacher with this personalized ornament that is sure to be a wonderful memory for years to come.  Christmas ornament has the teacher's name on one side and all of her student's names on the other, including the year and grade taught.

This beautiful and memorable ornament is a 3 1/4 inch ceramic circle with a permanent, laminated, personalized sticker on the front and back. 

Sticker has a red frame circle around the outside with cute bear graphics.  The front has a picture of a bear reading a book while sitting on a pencil.  Above the graphic is the school year and below is the teacher's name.

On the back is a fun bear graphic with the school grade in the center.  You can choose from Preschool through Fifth Grade.  Around the graphic are all the student's names for that year.

Your teacher will love this teacher gift!