Gingerbread Personalized Stocking Stuffer Notebook

  • $2.00

Put a unique and personalized gift in someone sweet's stocking this Christmas with these cute Gingerbread custom notebooks. With your special name on each notebook this will be a gift that will be used throughout the year.

Each notebook has a cute background and gingerbread man or girl on it. Underneath gingerbread graphic is your custom name in a cute font.

"Gingy with Candy" design has a red and green dot background with a gingerbread boy holding a red and white candy lollipop. Your name is underneath in a red font with black outline.

"Gingy Girl" design has a white background with red swirls on it. Underneath gingerbread girl is your name in a green font with black outline.

"Gingy Boy" design has a white background with green swirls on it with your name written in a red font with black outline.

"Gingy Couple" design has a girl and boy gingerbread graphic with a green background. On background is white holly and leaves design. Below gingy couple is your name in a white script font with black outline.

"Gingy Old Fashioned" design has a green background with red and green holly and leaves on it. Below is your name in a red font with white outline.

If no name is left in personalization box, notebooks will be sent out with design but no names.

Please allow 2 business days for us to create and mail your notebooks.