Cute Construction Editable Table Card Printables

  • $3.50

Enhance your Construction party with these fun, editable table food cards! Featuring 8 unique designs, each card showcases adorable graphics and offers easy customization, allowing you to add food names, guest names, or any other personalization to make your party perfect.

Custom cards comes with a yellow and black striped rectangle border.  On lower left corner is one of 8 different cute watercolor construction graphics.  

Easily add names to cards using Corjl -- a design editing software that you don't have to have an account for or design experience to use.  

Try it before you buy it here:

Table cards measure 3.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall when folded in half.  There are 4 different cards on one US Letter size page with 2 pages included.

Also included are 25 food names to change ready dessert items into Construction themed party treats, such as Chocolate donuts renamed Spare Tires.  These will help give you ideas for the perfect party dessert table.

To make these food cards, add personalization and print out on to card stock at home or at your local printer.  Cut around outer edges of rectangles.  Fold in half at top of design border and place on your party table.