LDS Double Mission Personalized Christmas Ornament

  • $12.50

Has your missionary come home and served in a different mission this year? 2020 was crazy that way, and now our Missionary ornament can feature both missions on one ornament.

Have your son or daughter how “with you” this Christmas while you celebrate their service in the mission field with this personalized mission Christmas ornament.

My eldest son is serving in the Veracruz mission this year and I felt the need to have him with us if only in Spirit this year. So I created this personalized Christmas ornament with his picture and mission information on it. Then I thought maybe there are other moms who feel the same way.

Ornament is a 3 1/2 inch ceramic circle with a permanent laminated sticker on front and back.

Front of ornament has the outline of the mission's state with a resemblance of the flag inside. Around graphic is a border circle with your son or daughter’s mission on top.

Back of ornament has the same design but with the second mission.

To order, let us know your missions in the personalization field.