Chamber of Secrets Letter for Harry Potter Birthday Event

  • $10.00

Come celebrate our third annual Harry Potter birthday at The Chocolate box inside the Mall of Abilene, Texas July 29-July 31, 2021.

If your child received their Hogwarts letter last year, then this is the perfect way to excite them to return to Hogwarts and help in the school's time of need.

This year's Harry Potter birthday party will be featuring the second book "Chamber of Secrets" with lots of fun picture opportunities, candy treats, and fun ideas.

This letter will be mailed to each child you purchase for on parchment paper complete with the actual Hogwarts seal.  Have your child bring in the letter to The Chocolate Box for a special, exclusive prize during the birthday event. 

This year's exclusive prize will contain items needed to defeat the Chamber of secrets including Tom Riddles diary 3x5 inch notebook, bag of Phoenix tears (M&Ms), a Basilisk fang keychain, and a chocolate Gryiffindor sword inside a bag with the sorting hat on the front.

Letter reads:




Dear (child's name),

Hogwarts is under attack and needs your help! Students, animals, and even our house ghosts have been found petrified. We are all in danger and no one is safe. If we can not solve this, we may have to close Hogwarts forever.

Please come help us solve the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets. Hogwarts will be open for a limited time and we need the bravest, smartest, and cleverest students to come help us.

Visit The Chocolate Box inside the Mall of Abilene, TX on July 29, 30, or 31 to use the Weasley's flying car to find your way to Hogwarts. Bring this letter to prove that we can count on you and you will receive everything you need to conquer the Chamber of Secrets.

We will see you soon,

Minerva McGonagall

Letter will be mailed within 2 business days of purchase to excite your child for this fun annual Harry Potter event.