Baseball Survival Kit

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Create a fun survival kit for your Baseball party or your Baseball team. Add some sweet treats and you have the perfect party favor or team treats.

This printable comes as a zip file with PDF and JPG printable sheet with a box and printing on front. you will need to download and unzip file before you are able to print.  Please see our FAQs if you need help with this  

To make survival kit, cut out around edges of box and then score along the dotted lines.  Fold and secure with glue and ribbon for a fun Baseball party favor.

To make this survival Kit, you will need:

⚾ cardstock


⚾  scissors/paper cutter

⚾ paper scorer (dull knife)/ruler


⚾ hole punch



Survival kit reads:

An Andes Mint for when you need some encourage-mint.

Gum to help you to stick together as a team.

Lifesavers to remind you to help each other out when the game gets rough.

Starburst for that burst of energy you'll need in the middle of a big play.

Smarties to hep you play smart.

A Laffy Taffy to remind you to enjoy the game.

A Sour Patch Kid to remind you that the game can be both sweet and sour, enjoy it always.

Tootsie Roll to help you roll over the other team.

A Gold Coin to give you good luck.

A Mounds to help you score mounds of home runs

(poem written and copyright by Kim @DIY Party Mom )


To make these treats, you'll need: an Andies Mint, Individually wrapped Lifesavers, a piece of gum, starburst, laffy taffy, sour patch kids, tootsie rolls, a gold coin, and a mounds bar.

It also helps to have card stock to print the survival kit onto, a pair of scissors, an x-acto knife, glue gun and glue, a ruler, a cutting mat (for the scoring), a hole punch, and some curling ribbon.



Now you can also have us print and ship the cut files to you.  

With this you will receive the survival kit printed on a white piece of card stock, cut and scored, and sent to you.  You will need to fold, glue and add candy

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