Avengers Printable Bag Topper

  • $5.00


It's time for the Endgame and to do "whatever it takes" to save our lost friends from Thanos.  Be sure to keep stocked on snacks and party treats with this printable Avengers bag topper perfect for your Avengers party. 

BAg topper printable has a red border with your favorite Avengers on the front including Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Black Widow, and Iron Man.  Above the super heroes is the words from the movie "Whatever It Takes."

Topper comes in 4 different versions to allow you to print the perfect bag topper for your guests. Each JPG picture file needs to be downloaded, unzipped, and then can be printed for your party.

You can print out a bag topper version that allows you to print six toppers on a borderless printer, a version that allows you to print 4 toppers on a border printer, a version that allows you to print 8 tags for any type of bag, and a version that allows you to print 2 sandwich sized bag toppers.

New: This candy bag topper is now available to be printed and mailed to you in a 3x4 bag size and a sandwich bag topper size.

Clip art courtesy of Pictopiaart and Accaliadigital. All copyright is owned by respective owners.