Always Symbols Harry Potter Wall Plaque

  • $10.00


We will Always love the world of Harry Potter and won't hide that love with this fun Harry Potter wall plaque perfect for your home or ofice.

Plaque has a white background with a navy blue border rectangle.  Inside border is the world "Always" with fun Harry Potter symbols from the books and movies.  You'll find the deathly hollows symbol, a magic wand, the Quidditch goals, a wizard, a flying broom, a lightning bolt, and a snake all making up the word Always.

Wall plaque is made from a ceramic tile with a permanent laminated sticker on the front.  Tile can be hung from your room or office wall or door with a 15 inch black ribbon which is strung from back to front of tile.

Plaque is available in a 3x6 inch size and a 4x8 inch size.