Harry Potter Book Bags

  • $5.00

Each year at Hogwarts contains different trials and struggles for the students.  Grab all the items you'll need to survive with these book bags based on the books and movies of Harry Potter.


This item is for LOCAL pickup at The Chocolate Box candy store in the Mall of Abilene, Texas only  (Sorry online friends!)



Year One (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone):

This book bag contains all the school supplies you'll need to go to and enjoy your Hogwarts classes.  Choose your house and personalize the experience.

Bag contains: 

  • House 3x4 inch spiral bound notebook (choose from all 4 houses, or the Hogwarts crest)
  • Broom pen
  • Magic Wand pencil
  • Owl Chocolate Sucker 
  • Cauldron Bag

Year Two (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets):

Survive the year with all the items you'll need to stay safe while wandering around the Chamber of Secrets.

Bag contains:

  • Tom Riddle Notebook (3x4 inch top spiral bound)
  • Phoenix Tears candy bag (red and gold M&Ms)
  • Basalisk tooth keychain
  • Gryffindor Sword chocolate piece
  • Sorting Hat bag


Year Three (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban):

Search for the prisoner with Harry and his friends while making sure to make it to all of your classes on time.

Bag contains:

  • Monster Book of Monsters 3x4 inch spiral bound notebook
  • Marauder's Map candy bar 
  • Emergency chocolate bag in case of Dementor attack
  • Time Turner candy necklace
  • Bag


More years coming soon!