Game Night Score Card Notebook, Pen, and Magnetic Bookmark

  • $15.00

Keep track of all your game scores and who is really winning all those family games with this fun Game Night Score Card notebook.  Notebook comes with a fun matching pen so you'll never be looking for your lucky pen.  As well as a card magnetic bookmark to keep your spot marked and safe.


Notebook is 100 pages with wide lined pages perfect to help you keep track of all the games and scores.


Front cover has been replaced with a glossy, laminated cover featuring all your favorite games.  In center of the cover reads "Game Night" in a black font.  


Also included is a black ink pen with a matching red insert featuring your favorite games such as chess pieces, uno cards, dominoes, dice, monopoly pieces, and more.


To help you keep your spot in the notebook is a magnetic bookmark featuring an Ace of Spades and a Jack of Hearts.