College Flower Open When Envelope Label Printables

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Send your daughter off to college with these beautiful flower Open When envelopes to help her when she's feeling sad, happy, lonely, broke, anxious, or thrilled.  These Open When envelope labels are easy to print, cut, and stick on an envelope for the perfect Christmas gift, graduation gift, or going away gift.

Open when envelope labels measure  3.5 inches by 5 inches.

You will find 4 envelope labels on each US letter size page

With this listing you will get 64 pre done labels and 12 blank labels for you to fill in.

Open When Envelope Labels have different flower graphics on each for a beautiful gift idea for her.

File comes as a PDF download with 19 pages.

To use these envelope labels, simply print out on to regular paper (or sticker paper if you prefer), cut around the lined edges, and use tape or glue to stick to an envelope.  Fill each envelope with a handwritten note, a gift card, a picture, a treat, or money as you desire.

With this listing you will find, Open When Envelope Labels for:

* need to get motivated
*feeling lonely
* feeling bored
* it's Christmas
*feeling hungry
* feeling sad
* feeling sick
* miss your fur baby
* feeling happy
* need self care
* feeling excited
* need extra money
* it's Thanksgiving
* have a big test
*need some caffeine
* need advice
* need a laugh
* need a ride
*it's Halloween
*need to talk
* finish unpacking
* make a new friend
* accomplish a goal
* feeling stressed
* feeling like giving up
* miss your friends
* it's your birthday
* feeling like you messed up
* feeling stuck
* feeling discouraged
* it's Independence Day
* it's Easter
* having a bad day
* feeling overwhelmed
* feeling grateful
*feeling nervous
* feeling lost
* it's Valentine's day
* it's St Patrick's day
* feeling homesick
* feeling upset
* can't sleep
* First Letter
* Last Letter
* feeling anxious
* need extra love
* doing homework
*doing laundry
*need a hug
*need a study break
*miss mom
* miss dad
*feeling discouraged
* need gas money
* need something sweet
* take a risk
* feeling worried
* want to come home
* miss your siblings
* forget you're smart
* need a smile
* feeling indecisive
* feeling dissapointed

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