Bluey Printable Bookmarks

  • $2.50

If you have to stop reading, do so with a smile and these cute Bluey printable bookmarks. With four different book Bluey bookmarks to print, you’ll have enough to share with all your Bluey mom book loving friends. 

Four different simple Bluey designs are on this printable bookmark wwith a Bluey paper design  you can print the watercolor roses on the back for an easy two sided bookmark. With the all over Bluey design you don’t need to worry about the design matching perfectly so this is an easy printable bookmark diy. 

This is an instant download. You won’t receive a physical product. 


  • 4 - 2x6 inch designs on 8 1/2 x 11 page
  • 2 Jpg downloads (front and back designs)
  • 1 PDF download with both front and back designs

To DIY this printable bookmark

  1. Print out Bluey bookmarks onto front of cardstock
  2. Print BLuey  paper design onto back of cardstock
  3. Cut around rectangle Bluey design on front to create 4 bookmarks 
  4. Optional: Laminate for long lasting use 
  5. Go read 
  6. When others bug you, use printable bookmark to bookmark page while you yell at interruption
  7. Continue reading.