Villain Place Card Printable

  • $3.50

Add some personalized fun to your villain party with these printable place cards. With each of your favorite fairy tale villains on the card, you'll be keeping your party theme going throughout the night with little extra effects and very little work.

These printable place cards come 2 to a page with 12 different villains. You will find the place cards in both JPG and PDF format inside a zip file which will be available directly upon completion of purchase.  (No physical item will be shipped.)

You can find the JPG place card printables free on the blog at  

This file contains the original place card printables in both JPG and PDF format as well as single cards so you can use with place card holders.  Each of the single cards come with 6 villains on a page and measure 2 1/2 inches tall by 4 inches wide.

Design has a green background rectangle with a white centerpiece for you to write your table, guests, or food names.  To the left of the table card is one of 12 villains.  You'll find Maleficient, Jafar, Tamatoa, Ursulla, Captain Hook, Cruella De'vil, Queen of Hearts, Scar, Mother Gothel, Gaston, Hades, and the Evil Queen.

See how easy these are to put together: