Sports Fan Personalized Christmas Ornament

  • $15.00

Whether you're a basketball, football, baseball, or any other sport fan, celebrate with your favorite friend at your favorite stadium this year with these personalized sports christmas ornament.

Each ornament features you and a friend at your favorite stadium (you pick which team, stadium, and then all the personalization to make this a truly custom ornament for your Christmas tree.

Simply pick your arm color, shirt color, hair color, and jersey color.  Then tell us your favorite team and stadium and we'll place you and friend front and center celebrating your team.

We can do any team or sport, just let us know!

The back of the ornament has your favorite team logo in the center with a matching team color circle border around the outside.  Above and below your team's logo are the names of you and a friend in a fun matching font and color.

Ornaments are a 3 1/4 inch ceramic ornament with a personalized, permanent, laminated sticker on the front and back.