Wizard of Oz Happy Birthday Banner Printable

Wizard of Oz Happy Birthday Banner Printable

  • $10.00

Wish everyone a Happy Birthday at your Wizard of Oz party using this easy DIY birthday banner

Each banner piece measures 4x6 when printed at 100 percent size and when put together spell "Happy Birthday".


Each banner piece has a blue gingham background inside a rectangle with an upside down triangle shape at the bottom to create a festive and fun design. Inside design is a red circle border with a bold letter featuring a Yellow Brick Road design inside the letter.

Included are 2 banner pieces with Dorothy inside instead of the letter to accent the ends of the birthday banner.

Also included is one piece with the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man inside the red circle to go in between Happy and Birthday on the banner.


Each page has 2 banner pieces on a JPG (picture file) and a PDF file for a total of 8 pages.

Pages are downloaded inside a ZIP file that will need to be downloaded on a computer and then unzipped using your computer's program.

How to unzip..

If you're using windows:

Right click on the zip folder, then choose "Extract all.."
(remember where you save the files, so can easy find the files later)

If you're using mac:

Double click the zip folder. Create a new folder, and move the zip into there. Then use terminal and the command line "unzip" command

You can then print directly from your computer's picture print program. I recommend printing on to regular cardstock for a banner that will hold up throughout your party.


Print out each page of banners and cut around outside edges to form the letters for "Happy Birthday" and the extra pieces if desired.

Using a regular hole punch, punch holes in the top corners or each banner piece.

Using ribbon or string, string ribbon through the front of the punched hole along the back and then back out the other side's punched holes.

Repeat until your sign says "Happy Birthday"

Graphics from MUJKA on Etsy