Hang in There Sloth Notebook

  • $2.00

Feeling sluggish and need a little motivation? Look no further than our Sloth Notebook! Perfect for those who embrace the slow life, this notebook is the ultimate accessory for anyone who wants to embrace their inner sloth. Featuring a cute and cuddly sloth on the cover, this notebook is the perfect place to jot down your daily to-do list, musings, and even the occasional nap schedule. So why wait? Grab your pen and get ready to take it slow with the Sloth Notebook!

This notebook is available in 4 different styles:

  • 3x5 inch top spiral bound  lined notebook
  • 4x6 inch side spiral bound lined notebook
  • 6x9 inch side bound lined notebook
  • 6x9 inch side bound sketchbook

Notebook design has a yellow and black lined background with sunflowers scattered all over the design  In the center is a sloth hanging from a tree branch  Around the sloth reads “Hang in There  everything’s gonna be alright “

Front cover is laminated.