Gryffindor Alphabet Personalized Notebook

  • $2.00

Show your Gryffindor pride while planning out your day with this Gryffindor notebook that will help you organize your day or keep your thoughts organized.  

This notebook is available in 4 different styles:

  • 3x5 inch top spiral bound  lined notebook
  • 4x6 inch side spiral bound lined notebook
  • 6x9 inch side bound lined notebook
  • 6x9 inch side bound sketchbook

Add your initial and name to the front of this notebook for no extra charge!

Notebook design has a red and gold striped cover background.  Your initial letter has a black outline with a gryffindor themed design in the letter featuring the snitch, an owl, and other fun magical items.

Your name will be written in a maroon color featuring a Harry Potter themed font.

Front cover is laminated.