Hold Your Baby Printable

  • $5.00

Decorate your home with this printable home decor sign that's perfect for baby nursery decor or as a baby shower printable gift.  Printable is available in either baby boy or baby girl.

Printable sign is available in 8 1/2 by 11 inch size, 8 by 10 inch size, 5 by 7 inch size, 4 by 6 inch size, 3 by 5 inch size, and 2 by 3 1/2 inch size for all your printable needs.

Sign reads:


Hold him/her a little longer,
Rock him/her a little more,
Tell him/her another story
(You've only told him/her four.)
Let him/her sleep on your shoulder,
Rejoice in his/her happy smile,
He/She is only your baby
For such a little while.

Printable is available as a JPG picture file and/or as a PDF file.  File will be available directly upon completion of purchase in your account.