Thanksgiving Frame Monogram Multi Size Circle Printables

  • $5.00

Decorate for Thanksgiving beautifully and on a mom budget with these printable Thanksgiving frame monogram party circles. You can find all the letters A-Z so you can have your family monogram or any other letter you need in several different sizes from 0.75 inch (Hershey Kiss label size) all the way up to 3 inch circles.

Monogram design has a brown and gold cross striped background with a minimal Thanksgiving wreath in the center.  Inside center is an embossed gold foil letter design.  

Each circle size is available in every letter of the alphabet.  You'll find JPG and PDF versions of

  • 0.75 inch

  • 1 inch

  • 1.25 inch

  • 1.5 inch

  • 2 inch

  • 2.5 inch

  • 3 inch

inside a zip file.  Please note you will need to download and unzip to be able to access and print file.