Candy Corn Halloween Party Printable Set

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Have your Halloween party treats printed in one party printable set with these cute and loveable Candy Corn trick or treaters. This party set contains cupcake wrappers, pennant banners, kiss labels, mini lables and a regular sized Hershey candy bar wrapper.

Each printable in this set comes as both a JPG and PDF format for your printing needs.  Set includes all current items as well as any additional items we make for this Halloween party set.  (You will receive an email update when new additions are added.)  As additions are made, the price will increase.

Each of these items can be purchased individually for your Halloween party or you can get all the printables in one zip file to print out today.

Regular candy bar wrapper has a white to orange gradiant background.  Graphics are candy corn figures dressed up for trick or treating.  Front of wrapper reads "Trick or Treat" while back of wrapper says "May your Halloween be Frighteningly Good."

Kiss labels have 12 different candy corn characters dressed up for Halloween trick or treating.  Background comes with orange, yellow, and white colors to coordinate with your candy corn colors.

Mini labels have a gradiant white to orange background. On front of label are candy corn characters dressed up to go trick or treating on three of the wrappers.  The other two wrappers have a Halloween greeting reading "Happy Halloween" and "Trick or Treat."

Cupcake wrappers have two different designs. One has the gradiant background with three cupcakes wrappers.  Each wrapper has a different candy corn trick or treater including a pirate, a devil, and a green monster.  The second design has a white background with the little trick or treater candy corn scattered over the cupcakes wrapper in little graphics.

The pennant banners each have three different banners on a page. Each banner has a white to orange background with the letters to spell "Happy Halloween".  On each letter is one of the cute candy corn graphics.

Table cards also have the same white to orange graphic with one of six different characters on each of the cards.  Cards are printed and folded to form a tent to use as place settings or food cards.