Villain Bingo Prize Printable Candy Bar Wrappers

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Sometimes the hardest part of setting up a bingo game is coming up with prizes that aren't expensive and aren't dumb.  This year, when playing Villain bingo at your Halloween party or Villain party, use these fun Villain candy bar wrappers as prizes and your winners will be basking in the evil glow of chocolate and fun.

Candy bar wrappers come in both JPG and PDF format inside a Zip file.

Wrappers are available to fit a regular 1.5 ounce milk chocolate candy bars and 7 ounce Hershey candy bars.

You can choose from 4 different villains in either the 1.5 ounce size or the 7 ounce size.  Maleficent, Ursula, Cruella De Vil, and the Evil Queen are all offered as bingo prize printable candy bar wrappers.



Wrapper has a green and white striped border along both the right and left side of candy bar wrapper.  On the front is a graphic of Maleficent on the left and the saying "I really feel quite distressed..." and on the back "that you didn't know I was going to win."



Candy bar wrapper printable has a green background border with light green and black polka dots running up and down both outsides of the wrapper design.  On the front left is a graphic of Ursula with the saying "Those Poor Unfortunate Souls" and on the back "who didn't win... Suckers"



Wrapper design has a black and silver glitter border on the outsides that run from the front of the design to the back.  On the front left is a graphic of Cruella and the saying "My Only True Love Darling..." and on the back "is beating EVERYONE in Bingo."


The Evil Queen

Candy bar wrapper has a red sparkle border on the left and right sides of the bar that run front to back.  On the front left is a graphic of the Evil Queen with the saying "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" and the back reads "who's the best bingo player of all? Oh right, Me!"


Each wrapper can be purchased individually in either size or you can buy the whole set at a discount.  These villain candy bar wrappers really do make it easy to give Bingo winners a fun and yummy prize at your next Villain party.