Harry Potter Dementor Knock Down Printable Party Game

  • $10.00

Knock down the dementors at your next Harry Potter party with this printable party game perfect for little kids and adults alike.

Party game comes with one graphic sheet of dementor graphics designed to fit around a standard size soup can.  Simply print out the printable page onto card stock as many times as you need and wrap around a clean, empty soup can.

Stack the soup cans on top and throw bean bags or balls at the dementors to knock them over.  The person who knocks the most cans down wins.

Included in the zip file for this game is one page with two dementor soup can graphics on it and one page with graphic squares (4x4 inches) containing 3 patronus animals. The animals are a stag (Harry's patronus), an Otter (Hermoine's patronus), and a Jack Russell Terrier (Ron's patronus.)

To make the patronus bean bags, make your own bags or use purchased ones.  Print out the graphics onto iron-on inkjet paper, cut around the graphics, and then iron on to the bean bags.

To print the graphics, you will need to download and unzip the file.  Inside you will find both JPG and PDF versions of both the dementor graphic and the patronus graphics.