Dinosaur Bingo Game Printable

  • $10.00

Have fun at your next Dinosaur party or while learning about Dinosaurs with your class. 

JPG version:

This comes with 2 bingo games to a sheet with 15 sheets.  This is easiest to print from your home computer using your computers print program.  Print these bingo cards on to card stock and cut out for a quick and fun game with your favorite Harry Potter characters.

PDF Version:

This version is easier for you to print using adobe acrobat.  Each page has  2 bingo cards with 15 pages for a total of 30 cards.

Individual JPG version:

Each bingo game card is individually on a single piece of picture file.  This is great if you want to play bingo online or over a group chat.  You can send out each card as a single picture to each player. Then print the bingo picture tabs and call each graphic over chat.

There are over 35 different dinosaurs to play with.  Each of the square bingo cards has the name of the dinosaur as well as it's picture so you can learn and talk about the dinosaurs as you play.