2024 New Years Bingo Game Printable

  • $2.00
  • Save $8

Play bingo this New Years with a fun bingo party game perfect for your New Years eve party.  This printable bingo game can be printed as much as you need to have a fun New Years party game.

Game will include at least 2-5 different events from each month of 2024.  Events already included are:

🎉 Aliens visit Miami mall

🎉 Large Winter Storm of January

Each event calling card will have a picture to match to your bingo game and the date and information about that event.  So enjoy walking back through the year to the fun and not so fun events that will happen!

On the first of each month, the price of this bingo game will go up by $1.00 until it reaches $10.  Grab it early for a fun Bingo game this New Years.

Each bingo game will include:

🎉 30 different bingo cards

🎉 at least 60 different events 

🎉 2 bingo cards on a sheet of paper


Game will not be delivered until December 26, 2024.  Game will be delivered to your account here at DIYPartyMom and to the email that you place the order with.