Sesame Street Pick Your Side Plastic Canvas Tissue Box Pattern

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Decorate your Sesame Street nursery with this fun Sesame Street plastic canvas tissue box in no time at all. Choose to make all Elmo, or just Cookie Monster and Oscar, or any of the characters to make your own tissue box.

Each side can feature one of your favorite characters from Sesame Street including Oscar, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch.  Or make all of the sides just one character or any combination!  Simply add each side to your cart and get only the patterns you want. 

If you want just one character on all four sides, just purchase one side with that character pattern and make 4.  If you want different characters, just purchase specific sides and make as many of each as you need.  (no need to buy more than one of the same pattern design)

Each pattern comes in both JPG and PDF formats with all chosen side design and a top that looks like the gaming coins.

To make this complete pattern you will need to know basic plastic canvas stitch knowledge, colored yarn, a needle, scissors, and 2 sheets of 7 count plastic canvas.