Chocolate Cure Alls Candy Jar Download

  • $10.00

Cheer up a friend or give a fun gift with this Chocolate Cure All Candy Jar

Download has all the printables that you need to make this Chocolate gift idea for your neighbor, your friend, your hairstylist, your mail man...or anyone else on your list.

To make this jar, you will need:

Included in download is 2 JPG picture files and 2 PDF files (files are the same just use which ever is easiest for you to work with) with 25 miniature candy bar wrappers.  Each wrapper has a different quote/saying/joke about Chocolate to bring a smile to your gift recipient's face.  Also included is the poem tag which reads:

"Don't worry about the little things
There's no need to whine or fret
As these reminders will tell you
All can be cured with chocolate!"

Poem by: Shirley Thomas   Graphics by:

File comes as a Zip file available directly upon completion of purchase. You must download and unzip the file if you want to print the pictures. Please see our FAQ section if you need more information on how to do this.

See an example of how I make and decorate my jars on our blog with this Thanksgiving gift idea.