Princess Rapunzel Alphabet Hershey Candy Bar Wrapper Printable

  • $7.50

Let each of your party guests bring home a personalized party favor candy treat with these easy diy Princess Rapunzel alphabet candy bar wrapper printables.  Wrap mini chocolate bars with these printable wrappers to spell out any princess name at your party for the perfect royal treat.

These Hershey  wrappers are easy to print and wrap around regular Hershey miniature candies and turn into personalized party favors or place setting name treats at your next party.

To make these wrappers you'll need:

  • photo paper
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • glue or tape
  • colored computer printer
  • pretzel bags (walmart version is my favorite)
  • ribbon or bag tie

In this digital download (no physical item will be shipped), you will receive a JPG mini template  and a Canva template link with mini frames on a regular 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet. 

You will also receive all 26 letters of the alphabet with a light purple background.  In front of background is Rapunzel's tower with a letter "wearing" her long blond hair braid.  Also included is a single tower wrapper to use as a spacer or extra letter if desired.

Add the alphabet letters to the template and print out to form the names that you need. 

Simply add to the Hershey candies and slip inside the pretzel bags with a tie to secure a fun and personalized party favor for everyone on your list.

 Now available in both Hershey Minis and Hershey nuggets.