Blue Easter Bunny Candy Bar Wrapper

  • $5.00

Celebrate Easter with some one you love by giving them this cute blue Easter bunny candy bar.  This candy bar is the perfect addition to an Easter basket or class party.

Candy bar wrapper fits a 1.5 ounce regular Hershey candy bar. This wrapper comes with a "Hair" bow for a girl bunny and a bow "tie" for a boy bunny, as well as the ears on a JPG or PDF printable.

Bow, nose, and ears are all blue as well as "Happy Easter" greeting on back.  Simply print out and cut the desired pieces.  Wrap your Hershey candy bar with the bunny wrapper. Then use a little bit of glue to add the ears and bow for the perfect Easter basket stuffer.

This listing is for the blue bunny only.  You can find our other bunnies here:

If you purchase the physical wrapper, the ears will not be glued on to wrapper to avoid damage in the mail. Please be sure to glue them and the bow on to your completed wrapper.

Wrapper is available in three different styles.

Instant Download:

With this printable download, you will receive one zip file that must be download and unzipped to use. (Please see our FAQs section if you need help.) Inside the Zip file you will find both JPG and PNG versions of the candy bars in two formats. 

You will find one candy bar wrapper on a single page, two wrappers to a page, and a single wrapper with only the background and graphics. This can be used to add your own greeting and personalization.

My favorite products to print and wrap these candy bars are: (affiliate links)

 Printed and Mailed Wrapper & Foil

Let us print the wrapper on to glossy photo paper and cut to size for you.  We will then mail it with a silver foil sheet for you to wrap your own Hershey 1.5 ounce (regular size) candy bar.

Easy directions are included to help you wrap your candy bar for a beautiful card and gift for your friends and family.

Wrapper will be mailed within one business day of purchase.