Reindeer Pie Bag Topper

  • $5.00

You've been naughty this year so now you're getting Reindeer pie straight from Santa’s furry friends.  This bag topper will be a fun gift for your wild and zany friends this Christmas.

Printable reads:

Santa checked his list then checked it twice you came up naughty instead of nice. Maybe you cheated or told a big lie so all you get now is Reindeer pie  

These are great toppers when finishing a bag of chocolate titles, peanut patties, or fudge bites  

Topper comes in 4 different versions to allow you to print the perfect bag topper for your guests. Each JPG picture file needs to be downloaded, unzipped, and then can be printed for your party.

You can print out a bag topper version that allows you to print six toppers on a borderless printer, a version that allows you to print 4 toppers on a border printer, a version that allows you to print 8 tags for any type of bag, and a version that allows you to print 2 sandwich sized bag toppers.

New: This candy bag topper is now available to be printed and mailed to you in a 3x4 bag size and a sandwich bag topper size.

Graphics courtesy of The DigiRainbow and Cutsie Wootsie Designz.